Well when it comes to love, it’s all good. You meet someone nice, you go on a few dates and everything is beautiful all at once. You are happy, you feel liberated, you are ecstatic…. and then the love loses its luster over time. It is common with anything. Love, friendship, relationships. They all need constant work. Why? Because human mind gets tired of monotony. So when it comes to your beloved, you too will have to keep working at it to keep the romance going.
1. Go on a vacation.Be that spontaneous lover who shows up on a Friday night with tickets to Disneyland for the weekend. Or be that guy who gets his girl rock concert tickets she always wanted. Arrange a road trip with your partner and his or her friends. Make it exciting. Be spontaneous. I tell you, it will drive them crazy.
2. Leave surprise gifts. What more can express love than a surprise gift? Especially if it is customized? Try customized gift ideas online. Pinterest is sure to give you a lot of DIY options which are cute and not that hard to make. You can use things you throw away to make something beautiful which will not only make you a lover but also an environmentalist!
3. Help them catch up with friends.Just because you are there for them, do not assume they have no need of friends. They do. If you know that your girlfriend or boyfriend hasn’t had the chance of catching up with friends lately try taking them out with a few friends. This will show them how much you care and will in turn ignite your love.
4. Add a special touch to everything.Instead of taking them out for dinner at some fancy restaurant you can give them a home cooked dinner all by yourself. Instead of giving her a hug before leaving you can also whisper something nice in her ear that she will remember throughout the day. Instead of tossing him the car keys, you can offer to drive. Instead of buying something off the store, you can get them a customized gift in Singapore. This way, you make everything about you special and that will keep the fire burning for longer.
5. Be understanding. It is nerve wrecking to be with someone who does not understand you. Companionship is all about understanding each other and being there for them when you need them. You don’t necessarily have to have had many circumstances so you can relate to another person. Just put yourself in their shoes and see if you can handle it. I doubt you can. So try to understand people and situations so that dealing with you will be a lot easier for your significant other.
6. Give space.Space is an important aspect of any relationship. Humans as much as they are social animas, they value their space. Do not try and cling on to your partner in all aspects of their life. Let them have their own personal space and let them make their own decisions or else they will feel trapped inside a cage called ‘the relationship’.