Every couple wants their wedding day to be as spectacular as they are, and they also want to share these memories with everyone for years to come. Someday, future generations may also be poring over the same albums, trying to envision what it must have been like on that day. Naturally, this means your wedding pictures should be nothing short of flawless, and reflect who you both are as a couple. There are also so many different types of photographers around with varying skills and specialities, so there is some work involved when selecting yours.


Maybe you knew exactly what kind of wedding photography you wanted for the big day a long time ago, but times have changed and they keep on changing as well, so you should be constantly researching. With platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and more dominating our lives, it would be a pity if they were overlooked and not put to good use. You will be amazed as to how much inspiration is out there, so go ahead and capitalize on the wonders of the 21st-century. If you do not use it now, when will you ever?

Break It Down For the Photographer

Your photographer is human too, and will need to go for bathroom breaks, smoke breaks or quickly hop out to eat something, and you do not want them to miss any of the important moments, but neither do you want them to suffer through the whole thing. The solution? Give them a breakdown of events. Around what time do you plan to cut the cake? Have the toast? The first dance? Listing it all down will help your photographer refer the plan all night and avoid any complications that may arise. Communicate!

Special Effects

In other words, if you plan to set up a lot of props or create a whole new setup, you should source your items well in advance. You can either choose to hire them or buy them, whichever works for you. Some couples like to break tradition and create their own, and this means they have to look for things that will help them maintain that authenticity. So if there are any special effects your wedding videography Singapore will have to work with, support them accordingly. You will find plenty of places that have interesting items for this sort of thing, so no need to worry.

Discuss Your Needs

Simply talking about the price, their experience, looking through their portfolios and e-mailing them is not going to work. The both of you need to sit down and really talk about the vision you have for your wedding album. After all, this will be with you for life (hopefully), and you want it to be good to look at right? So do not hold back, and have an open chat about your needs and what you are hoping to achieve as the end result.