Planning your own wedding can be quite stressful but planning ahead of time can always help map out and structure main events that will lead to the wedding. When planning your own wedding, and are tied by budget constraints you can consider a few options instead of completely doing it yourself, which can get a little overwhelming at times. Asking a friend for help or even consulting a wedding planner for advice will be easier than having to hire a wedding planner to handle all things which can be quite expensive. However, when planning your own wedding, make sure you consider the following as we have laid out a quick introductory guide to planning your own wedding.
BudgetFirst things first, before you begin planning for services and other essentials, it’s always best to begin with planning your budget. Knowing how much you want to and can spend for the whole wedding is great place to start. From here on, based on your budget, you can proceed to planning for services like hair and make-up costs, venue selection and your bridal gown and other essential services.
VenueChoosing a venue can depend on a lot of factors, be sure to consider the weather forecasts or seasonal changes if you are having an outdoor wedding. When planning the venue, also consider this as one of the first decisions to make, as venues are usually booked ahead of time and finding an available day will be difficult. Saturdays are usually the first choice when it comes to placing a booking, but as the days are limited, it is recommended to book ahead of time.
Wedding photographyWhen considering wedding photography services, it is recommended to review previous wedding shoots done by the service provider. There are many types of wedding photography styles and it’s recommended to consider these before committing to pay for services that you aren’t sure about. You can also consider if the service cost covers the pre-wedding photography in Singapore  as well, and if it’s something you want to include in your wedding plan.
CateringCatering is something easily overlooked, but with so many options available from ala carte to buffet and set menus, you will need to decide which type of meal you are looking for. A buffet sometimes is recommended with choices ranging from seafood, meats and vegetarian / vegan options as your guests may have food preferences, and the last thing you’d want is an unhappy guest without a meal! Another consideration is if you are having lunch or dinner, and the type of cuisine from western, Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines famously consumed today.
With this simple guide to your wedding planning, you should be able to kick start your planning process. Expand this introduction with a checklist and follow the plan over the months to a great wedding event!