We all feel pain in our feet from time to time. It is a common enough phenomenon – more so when we had a tiring day standing and running about. However, when pain seems to concentrate in one certain part of your foot, or persists for more than two or three days, you know that the reason might be a little more serious.

Heel pain is one of the main types of specific pains that afflict our feet. Heel pain is characterized as pain that you feel either right below your heel or right behind it. Unlike the ankle or other parts of the foot, the reason behind heel pain cannot be pinned to a single event such as a fall or the like; instead heel pain is usually caused by repetitive stress over a long period of time. Heel pain treatment is often non-invasive: it can be easily cured with simple treatments such as plenty of rest and ointments. There are a few common reasons for heel pain (each being relatively easy to cure), them being:

• Achilles tendinitis – this is one of the most common reason for heel pain. It is caused by an overuse of a tendon that is directly connected to the heel: the Achilles tendon. In young people – especially runners and other athletes – it is common to get Achilles tendinitis when the individuals increase the physical activity they subject themselves to (i.e. running for longer distances or time than they used to); on the other hand, it can occur in older people when they tend to play sports infrequently – such as on their off days or weekends. Unless the tendon tears (in which case you will need surgery), this condition can be cured with enough rest and special shoes

• Heel bumps – this condition is most common in teenagers and children who have just hit their puberty. As a result of their growth spurt, the heel bone (which has not yet fully developed) can rub excessively and grow too large, into a painful bump. This condition can be aggravated in people who have flat feet (and therefore, you can alleviate the condition by treating flat feet, such as by wearing custom insoles for flat feet) or in girls who wear high heels before their heels have fully matured.

• Heel bursitis – this is an inflammation of the heel which can lead to Achilles tendonitis. It is caused by landing improperly on your feet and wearing restrictive footwear too often. Rest is imperative here, or the pain will worsen with each day. Applying ice on the heel as well as taking over-the-count medication for it is also important.