Ways To Cut Costs In A Wedding

Yes we all know it is the biggest day of your life, however we should face the bitter truth. You might have limited funds and hence you need to select the most cost effective vendors than the most exotic. Your wedding is about your happiness, and being in debt just make your guests happy is not so great. So here are some of the easy ways to cut costs and save a ton.

  1. Hire a wedding planner

Most people are under the misconception that wedding planners are costly. Well, they could actually reduce your costs. They usually have close contacts with most vendors you need, from buffet caterer Singapore to dress makers to decorators. They will be able to negotiate and get you discounts. Also, they have years of experience and hence will be able to handle everything with less hassle.

  1. Go for easy décor

If you have an ice carving or chocolate fountain in mind, well those are actually unnecessary. At the end, all your guests care about is the food and entertainments they receive so don’t spend too much on lavish décor. Go for flowers that are easy to find during the season. Or rather, cut the flowers off your table décor completely and only use them for bridal party bouquets and boutonnieres. You can use tall candles, floating candles, marbles etc. for table décor.

  1. Skip the custom made items

Any custom made item is of course costly than the usual stuff. So, cut them off. Spending on custom invitations is completely useless as your guests are highly unlikely to notice the silver lining on the edges or the handmade envelopes. They will most probably throw it away so take minimum effort. Use card designing software that will offer you creative designs and fonts. A custom made dress is also not so important. You can buy a dress off the shelf and maybe add a special element that is unique such as a lace, beading, bow etc. An exotic buffet caterer Singapore is also not required, with varieties of food that no man can taste and end in one evening. Instead, stick to a standard but tasty menu. Your guests will be more than satisfied.

  1. Finish off main activities early

Cut the cake and throw the bouquet early on so that you can send off the photographers and videographers early, if they charge you a per hour rate. Besides, towards the end of the event, your wedding guests are likely to act crazy and have fun so you don’t need those photos in your album do you?