Tips To Keeping Your House Neat And Tidy With Kids

When it comes to kids and keeping the house neat and tidy, it kind of spells out a major catastrophe! Because any parent will agree, that the exact moment you start stacking away their toys is the exact instant that the kids feel the urge to start playing with them again. There is no doubt that keeping the house neat and tidy and kids don’t go hand in hand!

But here are some excellent tips that may help you improve or neutralize the situation for the better!

Get them involved

You need to get them involved if you want to be able to get the kids to help in tidying up the house. I.e. when you are tidying get them involved by either giving them a small area to sweep or mop or even get them to help you out vacuuming the place. Getting them involved in the act of tidying up will help them understand the concept better and they will naturally grow up to be adults who want to keep things neat and tidy. It will come as a natural trait!

Keep reminding them

You also need to keep reminding them that it is of utmost importance to keep their house neat and tidy. Don’t limit it to the house. In anything that they do, always encourage them to be as neat and tidy as possible. When they are doing something, keep reminding them to do it neatly. Even the house, you should frequently keep telling them about how it should be arranged and how important it is to keep ones house looking beautiful! You can mention the chores like putting the curtain dry clean, to ensure that they are always reminded of keeping the house neat and tidy.

 Set timetables

If you have more than one kid, then you need to definitely set up a routine timetable. Assigning them (kids) days and timings of when they should be doing what, will make them understand, that regardless of age and gender they should all equally contribute to keeping the house looking beautiful. This is a concept that was not implemented by those in the past. They believed that only females were responsible for maintaining the house and cooking and of course women were the laundry service Singapore as well! You need to change this mindset and ensure that each and every kid of yours understands the importance of keeping their houses neat and tidy!

 Don’t forget to teach them through actions

 Actions speak better than words. Only if you are neat and tidy will you find your kids to be neat and tidy in maintaining the house. Always make sure that you not only set the rules but also follow them better than anyone else!