Easing Back Pain At Work

Younger and younger people today complain of back aches. This is mostly thanks to our high-stress, sedentary lifestyle. Humans were not meant to be seated in one place, and certainly not hunched over like a turtle. It also doesn’t help that due to fashion dictates and societal pressure we wear and eat things that are not conducive to our health. Here are some small changes we can make in our daily life that will help ease any back pain caused by and at work.

Lighten the Load
Whatever we carry on our backs affects our spine and posture, which means the heavier our bags, the worse it is for us. Ladies, please ditch the stylish handbag and go for something light and flexible like a Toyboy bag which is made of PVC and is therefore much lighter than leather and other materials. Gents forget the suitcase and invest in a work bag that slings across your body or a backpack that can hold your laptop and anything else you need to take with you. Distribution of weight is key so if you absolutely need to string a purse over one shoulder, have a counter-weight on the other shoulder.

Stand Up Straight
Good posture is very important in avoiding and/or reducing back pain. If you are perpetually bent over thanks to an overladen bag, poor eyesight that causes you to hunch and squint to see the letters, or because your desk is too low, then you will have bad posture. Solve the above problems by investing in a Toyboy (which is light), having your eyesight checked and then buying glasses and adjusting your desk to the appropriate height. You can even ask your employers to change your desk if you feel that it is interfering with your ability to do your work. Practise sitting up straight in a chair and holding your shoulders back when standing or walking. If you cannot do this on your own, consider wearing a brace.

Find Good Furniture
In most cases, back pain is a result of a badly adjusted chair and table. Most offices will not provide proper ergonomic furniture to help the employees out, so you will either have to find one for yourself, or bring it in. If your chair is very uncomfortable, find a back supporter made of mesh that will support the small of your back when you sit on the chair. This will prevent any aggravation of existing back pain or prevent causing back pain.

So if you want to avoid getting back aches, make sure that your chair and table is aligned, that your posture is good and that you are carrying a load that is not too heavy for you.