Looking After The Elderly

You may have recently found yourself being the primary caregiver for an elderly person. This can be a family member or someone you look after as a part of your job. These are individuals who have lived a full life and may have contributed a great deal to their communities during their youth. Therefore they deserve to be taken care of properly and not simply out of necessity. Unfortunately most elderly people find themselves feeling forgotten in the latter stages of their lives because looking after them can be difficult as it requires a certain amount of specialised care and attention. If you are living with an elderly person and looking after them around the clock here are some tips that you might find useful.

Looking after the household

Part of looking after the elderly will entail running the household. You will find yourself doing household chores such as part time cleaning in order to make sure the house is clean and in order. Being in a clean and well-maintained environment is essential to both their health and their happiness.

You can also make use of additional help to delegate tasks to, such as an part time cleaning or a cook. This will help ease the amount of work required around the house and give you more time to spend with the elderly and pay more attention to their individual needs.

Keeping them occupied

Do activities to keep them occupied. This is essential to make sure that their health does not deteriorate faster. Take them for walks so that they can spend time outside and get some exercise and meet people on the way. Be mindful of the safety on such outings as they may not have the same agility and balance. Make sure that they are safe and have necessary support on such outings to avoid accidents such as slips and falls.

Pleasant company

The elderly may not get many opportunities to socialize but this is still an essential part of maintaining their mental health. Therefore keep them company and talk to them. They will enjoy these conversations immensely.

Find out if there are any events in your neighbourhood specifically for the elderly. Religious places such as churches are the most likely locations at which such events will be held. You should be able to find such information through the church bulletin boards or announcements made during services. These are great opportunities for the elderly to participate in, and to feel like they are still a part of the community.