Being The Best Secret Santa You Can Be

Secret Santa or Chriskindle is a beloved game treasured by those young and old. The game is a gift giving game where everyone in the class or office puts their names in a box and everyone takes turns to choose a name and then is responsible for buying gifts for the person whose name that they chose. You can gift little gifts and do little things for the person throughout the game to make them feel special.

Do your research
The first thing you will need to do is to start doing research about the person whose name you have picked. You will need to find out what they love and the kind of interests they have. If you have gotten a person who loves learning about new things, who loves food and drink and loves travel, you could consider buying them a premium sake online which can be an adventure of its own because you are giving them the opportunity to experience something absolutely new and discover something about a culture they may not yet have had time to explore.

If the person that you have chosen loves to have a good drink every now and then, another excellent gift could be a delicious bottle of yamazaki whisky in Singapore which is rich, exotic, unusual and sure to go down a treat with your chosen person. You could even buy them a booklet or even print out a personalized booklet about the drink and the history and story behind the drink so that you are not only giving them a drink but a book of knowledge too.

It is important however, to make sure that the person is someone who drinks and appreciates good alcohol. If your budget is higher than the bottle of drink, you could even consider putting together a box of goodies with the bottle such as good Swiss chocolates, good food and even something pertaining to the person’s individual hobbies. If the person loves to cook, you can choose to gift them with a cookbook of recipes or if the person loves to paint, you could give them with painting tools and equipment. The important thing with buying a gift is to look in to the person’s personality and avoid buying a generalized gift that you can just walk in to any store and buy. The aim of games like Secret Santa is to make people feel special and loved. Within a school or an office, it is an attempt to have people get to know each other better.