Treat All The Living Beings Alike

All the living beings on earth should be treated alike as we are all one and living under one sky. When it says all the living beings it does not limit to humans only, every animal that lives on planet earth counts in to this category. There are so many people among us who treat animals in a very abusive way without thinking for a moment that they too are surviving in this world and they too need love and attention. Currently a huge threat is made against zoos that are opened up around the world. This is quite a reasonable threat for the zoo administration because what the general public seeks is to allow the animals get the animal freedom they deserve. What they are trying to say is that animals do not belong behind bars but in a safe greenery environment having the lives they deserve. Therefore it can be stated that animal rights are essential and every living being has to be treated equally.

Furthermore now in many countries there are governmental and non-governmental organizations that take stray dogs under their supervision for the betterment of those animals. They provide them food, water, shelter and all the medications they need. Sometimes they look for families who can give these animals a home. It is such a wonderful and a good thought. Therefore rather than buying a pet in Singapore, taking one of these animals who have no shelter and food is way better. Some only treat well for the dogs that are clean and famous among the breeds and ignore street and stray dogs. This is completely wrong as every one of them can be called animals and are definitely equal. Therefore people should treat everyone alike and spread the love, care and tenderness to all of them.

As adults, we should teach our children, the younger generation of the importance of treating every animal alike. There are families that take for an example dogs as pets and treating them as if they are children of their own by giving necessary medicine, food, taking them on walks, buy dog items such as a comfortable belt, chain, toys and so on. These are good examples for their children as well because they will practice the same manners and will follow the same steps when they become adults one day.
Therefore the world should learn and understand the fact that every living being has rights and as humans, who have standards, should be able to speak on behalf of their rights.