Why Should You Divide Tasks Among Your Team Members?

If you have been to an economics lesson, you may have heard the phrase ‘division of labour’. It turns out that this is not just something that you learn in economics it can be put to use anywhere, and in most cases will result in the end product being of high quality.

The term division of labour is simple to understand. It means the work to be done should be divided across people. This is the reason why you would see teams dividing the work given to them so they can reach a goal. You may wonder why this should happen? After all sometimes a single person can handle the task on their own. The reason behind why tasks should not be given to a single person cannot be reduced to just one. There are so many reasons why and all of them will convince you to divide tasks among the members of your team.

The first reason is quite honestly very simple. It will be less stressful. When team members are each given a part of the task that has to be completed, they can only focus on that and finish it off. If for example, a presentation of forty slides has to be completed and presented to the company within two days time. If a single person has to do all forty slides and present it, he or she will not be able to focus on anything other than the slides that have to be made as they will each take time to complete and them she has to remember the slides and present them in front of the managers. Can you just imagine the stress? It would be a miracle if that person does not collapse out of exhaustion and anxiety.

However if a team of six members is given the same task with the same deadline, they could divide the slides across five people so each of them can just do eight slides and the sixth member can understand and present the slides. Thus each member will be able to complete their duty within a few hours and then focus on any other tasks at hand. Furthermore the amount of stress each person goes through will be much lesser than one individual having to handle everything.

The second reason is that each person’s skills can be utilized. To do this it is necessary that team building activities are first completed to give you a picture of the strengths and weaknesses of you employees and help them come together better as a team. Once you know the strengths and weaknesses you can give members tasks that suit their strengths. So taking the previous case into account, you can give the person who is able to speak very confidently the task of presenting the slides.

One can do a variety of corporate team building activities in Singapore to help understand the team better and get them to understand one another. The latter is highly important because if a team knows one another well they would be able to help each other when necessary. So if they know a member has difficulty in speaking, another member can offer to take her place.

Ultimately dividing tasks is highly beneficial and you should definitely put it to practice at least once so your team and you can benefit.