A Day In The Life Of A Floral Designer

When someone claims to be a floral designer we never picture it as a tough business. Some of you might say that it is just putting together flowers but in reality it is a more complicated occupation. A floral designer should possess the skills to differentiate between what is suitable and unsuitable for an event. They should also be skillful in terms of creativity. This article unfolds several different aspects of the life of a floral designer.

What does it take to be a floral designer?

It can be someone who uses the flowers they grow to make floral arrangements for special occasions. It can also be someone who works with flower suppliers and does floral designs for particular events. Either way, a floral designer’s primary responsibility is to plan out how floral decorations should be done at an event. Their service is often needed at certain events such as funerals, weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, formal gatherings etc. A designer has to constantly come up with fresh ideas to beautify a place or an event. A bit of enthusiasm, passion and creative imagination is what a floral designer needs more than anything.

Imagination is sufficient?

Even though creative imagination is the chief weapon of a floral designer, they should possess the additional skills needed to remain in the field. It is absolutely necessary that they know how to work with flowers and retain their freshness throughout an event. This requires a good understanding of the varieties of plants used in the industry and how they should be used. Knowing how to put together a fresh flower bouquet is not enough. A competent floral designer should also be capable of caring for the flowers and keeping them fresh and beautiful till the event wraps up.

A floral designer’s role in a modern world

Our world has taken a new shape thanks to modern technology. Floral designers have also adapted themselves to meet the needs of the modern customers. We no longer have time to visit florists or designers to discuss what we expect from them. Our lives have been made easy because we can simply flower delivery in Singapore or order whatever designs we need through the internet. There are also businesses which have become prominent in social media because social networks such as facebook has become a hub for online businesses.

We think of a floral designer’s job as an easy one but it requires both physical and mental effort. They need to brainstorm ideas everyday in order to compete with others in their industry. Their job is packed with responsibilities but with the required knowledge and skills they can turn any place into a magical wonderland.