How 3 Dimensional Technologies Benefit The Medical Industry?

Today, the face of medicine has been completely changed. And it is still changing due to the combination of bioengineering and mechanical engineering, for introducing a path-breaking printing technology known as 3 dimensional or 3D. But before we move further we need to have some idea regarding this technology. Let us have a look below:

3D print
3d printing in Vietnam, or in broad, three-dimensional printing, is a process of manufacturing objects which are created by combining materials in layers, like metal, ceramics, plastic, liquids, living cells, etc., to create a 3D object. This process of this printing is also known as Rapid Prototyping (RP), Addictive Manufacturing (AM) or Solid Free-form Technology (SFF).

There are several 3d printing service providers available all over the world and Vietnam has got some of the finest of them. They provide their service to various types of industries, such as, medical, entertainment and animation, architecture, automotive, commercial products, defence, consumer goods and the list goes on. They have some of the best professionals who are reliable as well as efficient in providing their service to several companies at an affordable rate, thereby helping their clients to come out from the restrictions levied by the traditional manufacturing methods.

3 dimensional printing and medical world

1. Prosthetics or body parts
The technology of this printing has been the most successful in this very category as every patient can get their customised body parts. The body parts, which are being printed the most using this technology, are knee and hip replacement surgeries. The new joints of the knees are printed with nylon and are very effective.

2. Medical Devices
This printing has also started to leave its mark in the creation of medical devices, like hearing aids, etc. Even dental implants are being done with the help of this technology. Not only in external based medical devices, but also in the internal system, this technology is slowly but steadily making its path.

3. Tissues
Though this has not yet been occurred, but the medical world is waiting eagerly to get this going very soon. By engineering the live tissues and organs, like kidneys and livers, patients will not have to go on searching or waiting for compatible donors. Biologists are still working and trying to understand the complex interactions of the cells so as to be able to create 3D organs and tissues. And hopefully, very soon they will be able to come up with some positive results which will help in some more transformation in the face of medical world.